There are times in our lives when we feel that we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Many events in our lives can trigger a feeling of helplessness, and these are the times when we need to reach out for a friend; our times of emotional needs.

Often events in our lives such as bereavement or divorce lead to, not just an emotional upheaval, but also a physical one too. Our stability may be set off-kilter, our finances depleted, or our emotions set to task.

Fresh Horizons has been set up by Edward Ramsbotham, whose story is below. His sense of helplessness during such a time, has identified that there is a gap for many people going through difficulties, that cannot be filled by a doctor, lawyer, charity or psychologist. The saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed” is a saying that we have all heard of, but there comes a time when you may feel that you cannot rely on friendships alone, and here is where Fresh Horizons comes in.

We endeavour to help people who want to reach out to us with their problem. It may be that you want to talk and have a coffee, you may be lonely, you may want some help moving, or someone to lean on for a court appearance.

Fresh Horizons is not an advisory service, but a place where you can find a friendly face, a cheerful person on the end of the phone, and someone that will listen to your woes.

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Edward's Story

In 2019, I got divorced from my wife. I moved out of the family house which was very emotional. I luckily found housing locally, because my mother had heard of a website called “Nextdoor”, a community based website where people can advertise for free. I joined Nextdoor and quickly found a room locally, for an affordable rent and moved in.

My emotions were all over the place. I phoned my doctor who told me that because it was a mental health issue, I might have to wait upto 6 months to be seen by the triage nurse.

Coming out from a marriage situation to be on your own is emotionally very hard, I found that there was no organisation offering support of any kind.

As well as finding myself very tearful, I also found it almost impossible to be on my own for any length of time. I tried ringing certain charities, and could find no help whatsoever.

I needed someone to talk to, someone to help me move on with my life. Having access to new people and friends to suggest things, build up my confidence.

Ways that we may be able to help

  • Coffee & a chat
  • Moral support for a court date
  • Help moving home
  • Help finding your feet
  • A friend to take to an event
  • Help with shopping
  • Cover for a few hours so you can take time out
  • Help to find a service

Contact Edward

Arrange an initial chat or meeting free of charge.